Equipment List

From our incredible Rupert Neve Designs "Hybrid" console, amazing new and vintage analog hardware, the best of the digital tools available, combined with our killer collection of Microphones; Hi-Five can accomodate and style and genre of music with incredible results.


Console and Analog Equipment

Rupert Neve Designs "Hybrid" Console:

​Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5052 Mic Pre/EQ (16 channels)

Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite Mixer

Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor

Slave Digital Raven MTZ Multi-touch Control Surface

Microphone Preamps:

Avedis MA5 Mic Pre (2 channels)


API 512c Mic Pre (2 Channels)


Rupert Neve Designs 511 Mic Pre (2 Channels)


Burl B1 Mic Pre (2 Channels)


Burl B1D Mic Pre (2 Channels)

Chameleon Labs 581 with XMOD Mic Pre (2 Channels)


Radial PreMax


Warm Audio WA-412 4 Mic Pre

Compressors and EQ's:

Tube-Tech CL1B Tube Compressor

​API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor


Chameleon Labs 7720 Compressor (SSL Clone)

Warm Audio WA76 Compressor x4 (1176 Rev D)

Hairball Audio 1176 Blue Stripe (Rev A)

Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ

Klark Teknik EQP-KT x2 (Pultec Clone)


Yamaha SPX90


Monitoring and Interface

Mac Pro 8 Core 64 GB ram


3 AVID HD I/O 16x16 (48 analog input/output)




Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo Satellite


Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad Satellite


Pro Tools Ultimate


Dangerous Monitor ST with Remote


Slate Raven MTZ Multi-touch Control Surface

TONS of Plug-ins from Waves, Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Brainworx, Izotope, Soundtoys, Kush, FabFilter, Antares, Plugin Alliance


ATC SCM45a Monitors


ADAM subwoofer​


HearBack Personal Monitor System



1969 Neumann U87

Sony C800g

Warm WA-47 (Neumann U47 Clone)


Warm WA-67 (Neumann U67 Clone)


Warm WA-251 (Telefunken ELAM 251 Clone)

Warm WA-14 (AKG C414 Clone)


Telefunken TF-29 "Copperhead" Tube Microphone


Telefunken M-80 x2 Dynamic Microphone


SE Electronics V-Kick


Sennheiser MD 421 Dynamic Microphone x2

Audix D6 Dynamic Microphone

Mojave MA-101fet (Matched) Small Diaphram Condenser x2

Royer 121 Ribbon Microphone


AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone


Mesonovic Model 2 Ribbon Microphone x2


Shure Beta 52 Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM57 x5 Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7b Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM81 x2 Small Diaphram Condender

Heil PR48 Dynamic Microphone

Heil PR28 x2 Dynamic Microphone

Heil PR22 Dynamic Microphone

AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone

Audio Technica AT4033 x2 Large Diaphram Condender


Rode K2 (with NOS Mullard tubes) x2 Tube Microphone


M-Audio Luna Large Diaphram Condender

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