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The Hottest Studio
In Wisconsin.

Our Services

We offer state of the art recording for musicians/artists across all genres.  Our rooms, microphones and equipment are unrivaled in the region.

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Our trained engineers will take whatever song you bring in and push to the high quality you want.

We offer all types of audio editing services - including but not limited to: Podcast Editing, Voiceover Editing, Audio Post Production for Film, TV or commercials, etc.

Rent our studio with access to our extensive collection of analog gear, insane mic locker, wide array of instruments, and our unrivaled plugin list.  Shoot a music video.  Host a cook up session.  Bring your band in to track drums in our amazing sounding live room.  Mix your records on the amazing 5088 with our ATC monitors.  Listening party.

We open our home to you, for you.  Just ask, we can most likely accommodate you.


Our Studio


Located in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, our space was built into a converted warehouse. After a year of planning, design and construction, Hi-Five Studio opened it doors the end of 2017.  Located in Milwaukee, WI, Hi-Five Studio is a 5000 square foot facility designed by Gavin Haverstick of Haverstick Designs.  

The studio was built as a true "room within a room" construction with an extreme attention to detail to provide ultimate isolation.  The unique acoustic treatments were all custom designed by Haverstick Designs, including bass traps, polycylindrical diffusers, ceiling clouds, a stunning diffuser array and the only studio in the region to feature the amazing Flex-48 adaptive treatment system in one of our Iso Booths.

The features a large control room, 2 large iso booths, a 1300 Sq Foot live room, plus two small isolation rooms.

Hi-Five Studio was featured in as one of the hottest new studios worldwide in Mix Magazines "Class of 2018" and nominated for a TEC award in 2019.


Our Staff


Ryan Rosmann graduated from Full Sail University in 2004 and moved to Los Angeles. In 2010 he decided to move back to his hometown of Milwaukee, WI. In 2016 he began drawing up plans to build a state of the art recording studio in Milwaukee. After a year of construction and planning, he opened Hi-Five Studios in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee.


Ryan Rosmann

“I founded this studio because Milwaukee deserves world class audio. ”

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