Hi-Five Studio was built from the ground up to create a truely unique recording experience.

After a year of planning, design and construction, Hi-Five Studio opened it doors the end of 2017.  Located in Milwaukee, WI, Hi-Five Studio is a 5000 square foot facility designed by Gavin Haverstick of Haverstick Designs.  

The studio was built as a true "room within a room" construction with an extreme attention to detail to provide ultimate isolation.  The unique acoustic treatments were all custom designed by Haverstick Designs, including bass traps, polycylindrical diffusers, ceiling clouds, a stunning diffuser array and the only studio in the region to feature the amazing Flex-48 adaptive treatment system in one of our Iso Booths.

Hi-Five Studio features a large control room, 2 large iso booths, a 1300 Sq Foot live room, plus two small isolation rooms.

In addition to our incredible sounding rooms, Hi-Five also features a large lounge for our clients and their guests.  With a bar, pool table, video games, streaming services and plenty of room for everyone.